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Did you get home ok? I was so fucked I kissed rob. I hate myself.

Because it is orbiting us as well as rotating on its axis.

The look i shall be channelling tonight will be 1960s sicillian slut with a filthy mouth and a penchant for bollito misto.

By the way we have two hand held blenders and a hoover (works good but not amazing suction) if you know anyone who wants one. One of them still in its box, and a nice neutral white. Good for, say, pea puree. A Household named brand. Much easier than getting the kenwood out.

Fair play dollface relax yourself

Carbonara, lucozade, wheat crunchies, 10 malb lights, a doughnut and a curly wurly.

How much does an abortion cost? I’ll run through a quick cost benefit analysis.

“Richard” Attenborough is dead though.

Hello sadness my new bag.

Rodney Fox. Across the chest! Great white, off the barrier Reef while surfing. 1977.

Forgot that the pope had come to stay! Major diversions everywhere! Religion, What will you do next?

Out of Marylebone station, turn right up harewood avenue, then left on broadly terrace, then right up lesson grove, then it’s on your left on church street. Don’t fuck this up.

Hey, Sue Pollard just walked past me wearing two odd shoes. She asked my gay mate to measure her fanny once. And showed him her drawer full of vibrators. She’s a real pest.

Buildy buildy time beer beer tea coffee smoking spotify tracksuit bottoms snowy cold beery time

Lame impala.

It’s bad when you can say the sentence, “I would but Bryan Ferry is shooting a music video in my room” and it’s not a joke.

I’m gay for babs bigtime.

‘there’s no way your not ‘matthew mconany in this. And I’m definitely Woody’