irritations and grievances


  • Really bad smells. Especially: unwashed, sweaty human bodies, old stale sweat, clothes that have been wet in the washing machine for too long
  • Over-designed, inefficient items that don’t work and feel somehow audacious in their claim of being special. This morning a heavy-handled, too-long knife that slithered and clattered backwards off every plate it was rested on incensed me.
  • When someone can’t hear what you’re saying on the phone, especially if you have launched into a lengthy (but brilliant) diatribe. Being required to repeat yourself endlessly to absolutely no avail.
  • When parts of my body ache inexplicably, or don’t work, or feel faulty
  • Unanswered phones/car alarms
  • flashers
  • gropers
  • Dropping things/breaking things/knocking things over, especially if in sequence
  • People who can’t give you more than 1 second at a green light
  • Inefficient lightbulbs, unflattering light generally. single spotlight over the sink in a bathroom, so that in order to look in the mirror you have to back up halfway across the room.
  • Parade-pissing/negging
  • Plans changing/being ghosted/cancelled/ignored